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Portraits of transgender people in Russia in a project by Vincent Voignier

vincentPortrait photographer Vincent Voignier developed an interest in the lives of transgender people while living in the Philippines. Three years ago Vincent began to photograph trans* people in the context of their everyday lives, and in spring of 2015 the photographer came to Russia to continue his project here. This year QueerFest will present the photos Vincent has taken in Russia as part of the photo exhibition "The journey to identity".

Here is what Voignier has to say about his project:

I was surprised to learn that in Russia a majority of transgender people are [trans men]. As far as I could observe and grasp, transgenderism is much less glamourous, support groups are more directed at discussing gender identity issues at a psychological level, and people seem more concerned with how they feel [about their gender identity], not only how they are seen by others as such. ?The whole transgender community has little visibility. Some transgender people hide their identity at the workplace or in public and only [feel safe being themselves] at home or in trusted circles.

It was therefore difficult to meet transgender people, and only a few were willing to be photographed. This series does not pretend to be representative of the Russian transgender community, but rather gathers the portraits of people I managed to meet, who accepted to pose in front of the camera, and who in the end accepted that their picture will be exhibited in Russia.