News Queerfest


We are going to keep sharing with you the feedback we have been getting about the festival. Today, that is a letter from LGBT activists in Samara.

"Friends and colleagues, the team at "Avers" congratulates you for organizing QueerFest, and we are attentively following your events. Thank you for creating an event of this scale in this country at this time. Mikhail Tumasov was at the QueerFest opening night, and brought some souvenirs and postcards back to Samara - the "Artifacts" project in particular. We decided to create a small exhibit in our community center, putting up the "Artifacts" cards, a photo, and the story behind the project underneath that. We are very pleased to have here in Samara a small part of the celebration you were able to organize in Saint Petersburg, and we'd like to leave the exhibit up for a while.

With much respect, the Avers team, Samara"