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Bring your idea to life with “QueerFest 2016”. The application process for OpenSpace is now open

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What is “QueerFest”?

The 8th international festival “QueerFest” will take place in St. Petersburg September 15 - 25. This is a human rights event against xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, which is organised in a pride-festival format: ten autumn days will bring a variety of events — different in their format but united by their theme.

What is OpenSpace?

OpenSpace events is a special type of festival life, with “QueerFest” providing space for various initiatives, groups and organisations. Everyone can become a part of OpenSpace, organise a discussion, a masterclass, a workshop or any other activity, that is within the theme of the festival.

The theme of “QueerFest” 2016

“To see the Invisible” is the theme of “QueerFest” in 2016. This time we want to talk about the groups within the society and the identities within LGBT-communities, whose problems are unseen. Silence, depreciation and inattention make these people invisible. We would like to give guests of the festival the opportunity to see the invisible. Guests will learn more about LGBT living with HIV or disabilities and neurologically atypical LGBT, problems of lesbophobia and transphobia in feminists movements across Russia, LGBT people, who face violence on the streets or in their own families (domestic violence), LGBT families, stigmatisation of certain groups, hierarchy or sexism inside the LGBT community, transgender people and people with non-binary identities, and those who go beyond the accepted norms of society and are considered marginal. We will talk about the exclusion of these people from the community and how to overcome it.

How to apply to be a part of OpenSpace?

Do you want to take part in OpenSpace? Simply complete the form via this link. The application process is open from May 13 – June 15, 2016. The main selection criteria is the quality of the application. Authors of the interesting and well-described activities will be invited to participate in the OpenSpace.

Who can apply?

We are inviting LGBT activists from everywhere across the Russian Federation (not only St. Petersburg and Moscow) as well as the activists from post-soviet countries. We will cover transportation and accommodation costs for the participants of this event.

If you have any questions please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (in the subject of the email please put “OpenSpace QueerFest-2016”)

We hope to see you at QueerFest 2016!