"There is no point in falsifying yourself for someone,
whether it’s good or bad - I am who I am..."

Moto Boy, Sweden

QueerFest 2015 Program


18 – 26 / 09 Photo Exhibition "The Journey to Identity"  
18 / 09 Lecture: "Personal and Professional"
Boris Dittrich, advocacy director for LGBT rights program at the Human Rights Watch
19 / 09 Workshop "Women in the LGBTIQ movement in Russia"
Open Space: LBTIQ - space by LBTIQ group "MAGMA"
19 / 09 FREE party: Marina Cherkunova and the group TOTAL 23:00
20 / 09 Presentation of the "Identity Project"
Sarah Deragon, photographer based in San Francisco, USA
21 / 09 Presentation of Queer Theater
Open Space
22 / 09 Open discussion "Elderly LGBT in Russia and Europe"
Open Space: presented by LSVD, the Lesbian and Gay Federation of Germany
23 / 09 Presentation and discussion: "Bisexual identity: What Does It Mean To Be "Bi"?"
Open Space:"LuBI" initiative group
24 / 09 Presentation of the photo project "Through the eyes of European artists"
Mads Nissen (Denmark) / Vincent Voigner (living in Germany)/ Ulf Peterson (Unstraight Museum, Sweden)
25 / 09 Discussion: "Trans*lating Oneself: Specific Experience of Trans* People as a Source of Creativity"
Jasper Groen (the Netherlands)
26 / 09 Discussion "Different Stigmas - Common Solutions"
With the support of the Swedish Institute Creative Force Project
26 / 09 QUEERFEST 2015 WRAP PARTY 22:00

Venues will be announced one day before the event or in the morning of the event. Check our website!
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In 2015, QueerFest explores the theme of diversity of identities: from the simple to the complex, from the clear and familiar sense of self - to a complex, multilayered perception of self and each other, as a multitude of originalities that came into being in the city, this country, this world. The seventh St. Petersburg QueerFest creates a space for an open dialogue about each and every one of us, about our commonalities, conflicts and mutual complementarities, the festival expands our understanding of identity, creates a platform for understanding, acceptance, unification and solidarity.

As part of the QueerFest in September 2015 St. Petersburg welcomes artists, photographers, performers and human rights activists from different countries. The focus of the work of many of them has been the formation of people’s identities – artists are documenting their characters in their search for self through image, language and activism. For example, a portrait photographer from the USA - Sarah Deragon - is bringing to the festival a series of photographs entitled "The Identity Project", and Jasper Groen is presenting project "Eric *", in which the author tries to reveal the feelings of a transgender person during transition.

For a few days, the cultural space of St. Petersburg will be filled with inspiring meetings, presentations and media projects: the creators and activists from the Netherlands, USA, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Russia will create a new universe - an interactive, experimental, frank, queer open to us all.

Become a part of the unique human rights event in St. Petersburg - create urban queer space with us.